Cabin Yim

“There is no good in anything until it is finished.” — Genghis Khan


Hi Guys,

Thank you for the support firstly to the Instagram page and my own personal Forex Blog.

I will be looking to take an additional 5 students in 2018. Again, I will take take you through exactly how I trade. The idea is for you to borrow my eyes and then find your own path. I provide the shovel and cement and you create your own road to success in the forex industry.

The mentorship fee will cost you 300 USD, this will be only sent after you are accepted. Now what about refunds? I will provide refunds to students who after 2 weeks feel they have gained nothing from my mentorship.

For those who are willing to take the commitment and looking to join, please do the following:

  1. E-mail to “”
  2. Tell me the following:
    • How/Why you found Forex?
    • What was your experience with Forex?
    • What has been your trading plan so far and what have been your struggles?
    • What are you looking to achieve?
    • When you find success, what are you plans afterwards? (Mostly, why do you want to find success in the Forex Industry)

To all who don’t accepted remember this, I answer all questions that are sent to me. This group is solely to get 1 on 1 time with me during the weekend, get insights to how I see the markets and also personal feedback.

In addition, I am not looking to carry you hand throughout your journey. With the simple techniques I am teaching you, in about 7-8 weeks you should be profitable…


Looking forward to the applicants!

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