I know many struggle with entering and exiting trades. They may do their analysis over the weekend or daily, but when it comes to executing they hesitate. I did a poll on my Telegram and everyone voted that they wanted me to cover this topic. So here it is!

The simple solution is honestly to just execute, take the trade if you analysis makes sense, and if it ticks all your pre-execution check boxes.

Risk management is also covered, because this is the key to longevity in the Forex markets. Many enter but then stress out, and that is mostly because their account or emotional risk is too high. Trust me, I have been there, executing on a trade whilst on the toilet bowl and puking from the stress of it. Just reduce your lot size, put your SL where it is safe and just let it run.

BUT only go into the trade if you have no doubt about it. If you doubt the trade or feel as if something is off, avoid the trade, just watch, observe and see what happens. Next time something like that happens you will be ready.

Really hope it helps everyone and if anyone has any questions just Whatsapp (+66814051114) me or e-mail ( me.

Forex Eye-Cleaning

Ever feel like you are starting lose your sh*t and the charts make no sense?

I’m sure many feel that way or have felt that way. Here is the cure:

  1. Delete everything from your charts (indicators, trendlines, zones)
  2. Go to the HTF zones (Daily and H4)
  3. Plot your zones, just major ones. You should have 4-5 max!
  4. That’s it.
  5. End of every day review what the markets did, especially at your zones.
  6. Lastly, just review it at the end of the week and see how price reacted to your zones. I’m sure you will be surprised on how much you learnt and things will start to make sense.


Do this for 1-2 weeks and don’t even put any trades in. (Not even demo). You are trying to learn, any type of trade will get your emotions involved and will prevent you from learning.

*All analysis done on TradingView

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