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EURUSD was beautiful this week. I was looking to short after a possible retest on the broken trendline but price never closed under support and flew up. But it created a lower high with an engulfing candle and dropped beautiful. I am up 220 pips on the position with SL secured in profits.

Upcoming USD News:

  • Tuesday
    • CB Consumer Confidence
      • Previous: 119.8
      • Forecast: 121.1
    • Wednesday
      • ADP Non-Farm Employment Change
        • Previous: 135K
        • Forecast: 191K
      • ISM Manufacturing PMI
        • Previous: 60.8
        • Forecast: 59.4
      • Crude Oil Inventories
        • Previous: 0.9M
    • Thursday
      • FOMC Statement
      • Federal Fund Rates
        • Previous: 1.25%
        • Forecast: 1.25%
      • Unemployment Claims:
        • Previous: 233K
        • Forecast: 235K
    • Friday
      • Average Hourly Earnings m/m
        • Previous: 0.5%
        • Forecast: 0.2%
      • Non-Farm Employment Change
        • Previous: -33K
        • Forecast: 311K
      • Unemployment Rate
        • Previous: 4.2%
        • Forecast: 4.2%
      • ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI
        • Previous: 59.8
        • Forecast: 58.3

Monthly: Monthly closing on Tuesday, and looking very strong to test the broken resistance as target! We wait and see with all the USD news!


Weekly: Weekly broken support with momentum and the target for retest has a very high chance of a touch.


Daily: H&S broken neckline clearly broke with momentum. I am looking for a retest to add more position to then go to target. This week has heavy USD news, but I am expecting positive news for the USD. So, if we do get a retest, my risk tolerance on this set up will be much higher.


H4: Here we can see our downtrend clearly exhausting. Which makes sense for the EURUSD to retest broken structure to gain liquidity then drop to the target on the weekly for a retest.


Overall EURUSD Analysis

Clearly looking very bearish because of technicals and the bullish USD fundamentals. This week will be volatile so you should tread carefully. But the retest of the H&S neckline looks very probable but it is also very possible that you may stop hunted with all the news we have coming up.

Predicted Movement:

EURUSD Prediction

I see A as most likely path but don’t be biased, we could also bounce, but I highly doubt it market structure is king and King is saying I want to go down.

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