Upcoming EUR+USD News:

  • Sunday
    • ECB President Draghi Speaks
    • Fed Chair Yellen Speaks
  • Wednesday
    • ECB President Draghi Speaks
    • Building Permits
      • Previous: -1.27M
      • Forecast: 1.25M
    • Crude Oil Inventories
      • Previous: -2.7M
    • Thursday
      • Unemployment Claims
        • Previous: 243K
        • Forecast: 245K
      • Saturday
        • Fed Chair Yellen Speaks

Monthly: Monthly rejecting monthly resistance. However, bearish trend is being exhaustion so we will have to wait how this month closes.


Weekly: Nice bullish engulfing after testing the wick resistance to the left, so it’s entirely possible to go higher, especially with the correlation of the weak USD.


Daily: Here shows us a possible bear run to go test 1.14500 broken weekly resistance to support. There is a double head and shoulders formation. So within a head and shoulders there is a head and shoulders.


H4: Here we can see we are rejecting resistance, we can go lower to test the green support line before bouncing. But we will have to wait and see. All timeframes are telling be different things but based on weak USD we could go higher after testing broken resistance.


Overall EURUSD Analysis

This is my first week watching this pair, so I will not be trading, only observing my levels I plotted to get a feeling for this pair. Will be interesting to analyse it after the week ends. So if anyone did not trade this pair, just plot your levels, observe and understand it characteristics.

Predicted Movement:

EURUSD Prediction

All possible based on market structure but I will be simply just observing and learning about this pair before I start adding my risk to this pair.

In Addition:

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