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Followed A path beautifully, simple market structure, didn’t follow exactly how I said it would, but my paths are an idea of what could happen. My target was hit and I closed all positions there.

Upcoming USD + JPY News:

  • Monday
    • BOJ Gov Kuroda Speaks – JPY
  • Tuesday
    • CB Consumer Confidence
      • Previous: 122.9
      • Forecast: 119.6
    • Fed Chair Yellen Speaks
  • Wednesday
    • Core Durable Goods Orders m/m
      • Previous: 0.6%
      • Forecast: 0.2%
    • Crude Oil Inventories
      • Previous: 4.6M
  • Thursday
    • BOJ Gov Kuroda Speaks – JPY
    • Final GDP q/q
      • Previous: 3.0%
      • Forecast: 3.1%
    • Unemployment Claims
      • Previous: 259K
      • Forecast: 269K

Monthly: Monthly is ending the coming week. I see a strong possibility of us filling the wick son the top side. Will be very interesting to see how all will play out this week. If market structure and price action makes sense, we will and should see 114.


Weekly: Weekly closed with a strong bearish candle, and stayed above the 111.800 resistance. However, we are still at a strong resistance if you look left. We could potentially fill the wick on the top side, but I won’t be surprised if we go lower first.


Daily: UJ closed with a daily bearish engulfing of the previous candle and tested support if you look left. What could potentially happen is if we have a daily close below the support we just tested, we will test previous broken resistance before a continuation up.


H4: We hit my target and now had a retracement to previous broken higher high. I am looking for a break of the box I drew around the current price. If it break lower I will first look to will the wick on the left and then go down lower for a possible retest of previously broken daily resistance.


Overall USDJPY Analysis

  • We hit a critical area, a strong support on the weekly and monthly, so I won’t be surprised if we continue lower to get some fuel to potentially go higher. Currently, we just have to watch how price action plays out as we are in a bullish trend now and this will be the week that closes the monthly candle, so keep an eye for that.
  • Keep it simple, watch price action, market structure and let the charts tell you what it wants to do and then just plan your trades out and try to visualize all possible trades either long or short that could happen.

Predicted movement:

USDJPY Predictions

Just watch, any paths are possible, I am not sure but this is what I visualize, if 1 of them plays out that’s the path I will look to take the trade. Be patient and let the trade tell you what it wants to do. H4 candles take time to form so wait… Good things take time!

In Addition:

Hope you all had a great weekend and killed last week as markets were picture perfect!

Sorry I couldn’t do the weekly webinar, I was busy all week with family so was away. But I should be continuing as usual next week, but I still haven’t decided what time exactly I will be starting it. All students of mine or the FxFamily will get it uploaded to the respective drives!

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