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  • Followed path A beautifully <3.

Upcoming NZD News:

  • Wednesday –
    • GDP q/q
      • Previous – 0.4%
      • Forecast – 0.7%

Monthly: We have broken upwards on the monthly through the trendline, so the sights of the previous highs is very likely.

NZDUSD Monthly

Weekly: Strong bullish close just under 0.72000 strong psychological resistance and trendline resistance. We could be looking at a last kiss if the next week ends bearish.


Daily: Strong confluence resistance at 0.7200 of a possible last kiss of weekly broken trendline, in addition to a strong static and psychological resistance. Daily hanging indicating a bearish move coming. Confluence with rate hikes. Need a lower high.


H4: Broke ascending triangle and has been consolidating under 0.72000 with strong wick rejection, I believe we need liquidity that will push price to 0.71500 where there is a nice confluence zone highlighted.


NZDUSD Overall Analysis

  • NZDUSD, NZD strengthening, USD uncertainty. If USD strengthens and GDP is strong for NZD this week then we will find a consolidation range from 0.72200 and 0.71500. NZDUSD loves to consolidate.
  • If we break up then I am confident in my long term target stated last week of 0.73200.

Predicted Movement:

NZDUSD Prediction

  • Anything is possible, depends on PA and fundamental data.
  • Wait for after Wednesday and we should know where NZDUSD will go.
  • I am excited for this beauty!