Name: Cabin Yim

Nationality: Russian/Korean

Age: 22

Current Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

I started my Forex journey in the summer of 2016. I was in Kaliningrad, Russia and had nothing to do. So I just thought to myself, how can I make money. I remembered my mother telling me that her friend trades forex and has been very successful in it. So I decided to have a look into it.

On Udemy, I searched for Forex courses, and luckily enough there was a course that teaches you the A-Z of Forex. So I purchased the course for $15 USD and started learning about forex. Fast forward, I finished the course, opened my $120 USD account and in 5 hours doing what I learnt I made $70 USD, which I now realized was pure gambling. I used maximum lot sizes I could open and traded channel trends. But, I only set a take profit and no stop loss. So the next day, I opened a EUR-USD buy as it was in a channel and put a take profit, however it never went up, it just kept dropping and I never closed my position. That was the first time I ever learnt how it felt to be margined out.

That gave me my very first lesson and a lesson I still try to learn. To stop being greedy! This forced me to find a mentor, so I went on Instagram, searched #forex, and found a few people. Most were looking for me to pay them to answer the most basic questions, but MrCheerz (Rakeel) answered all my questions for a month. Where I then decided to take the same webinar he did with Uncle Ted.

Fast forward again, I have gone through many blown accounts, I was making 4 figures a day until the point greed kicked in and I lost it all within 15 minutes. So, I am still on the journey to 6 figures, constantly learning and trying to control that greed inside me, plus understand the true value of money.

Looking forward to share my journey with all of you.